Contact me to be on the waiting list in case

    someone drops out which often happens.

Mon.     3:00- 5:30   Beginners    - filled
Tues.  10:00-12:30  Interm-Adv.  - filled

Tues.    5:30-8:00    Beg.-Interm. - filled

Wed.     5:00-7:30    Beg.-Interm.-  filled


The quickest way to get good FAST is to start with a few private classes which are available at $50/hour. Let me know if you what a few privates.

pottery On The Wheel classes

Learn pottery on the wheel and fantastic glazing that makes your piece unique. Make bowls, mugs, plates, teapots, lidded jars, planters candleholders, goblets and more. Classes are small with a maximum of 6 students so you get lots of personal attention so you can learn easily and quickly.

My classes for pottery on the wheel are


       You are welcome after the baby is born.

Fall Session

Jan 8 - March 14

 Maximum class size is 7.

Chic Lotz

Chic has been teaching pottery for 40 years .... one of the best teachers in town. She is also known as the local "glaze expert." Experience fun and inspiration while developing your creativity with clay! 


$310/10 classes

+ $32 per 25lb. bag for clay, glazes and firing.

$125 deposit required to reserve your spot.