​​Clay In Your Classroom

$13 per student

1 hour project

Minimun # of students 18.

$14 for animal cups.

extra prep time to roll the slabs

+ 1 hour + 15 minutes

Students work in colored clays

includes prep time, clay, glaze + firing

Extra Travel Fee if more than 1/2 hour from Grass Valley

Chic will come to your classroom

and guide your students to make a sculpture

that will surprise and delight them... and you!

Or during covid, she could make a

video of the project

to use online

       and deliver a materials for each student.

Choose a holiday themed project

such as snowmen,

reindeer,  penguins or polar bears.

Or something they are studying in class

such as fish, frogs, turtles, dinosaurs, eagles or BIG cats!

If your class has a mascot . .  

we can make that!

Older kids like animal mugs or face cups.

Or you may have your own ideas for projects!

Chic makes it  fun, and creative
so EVERY CHILD is successful!​

• She has been working with kids in clay for 47 years 

• She is a former school teacher that trained in working with kids

with learning disabilities.