•  Learn to mix your own buckets of glaze
  • A worksheet for taking a glaze recipe and turning into a large batch.
  • Receive a  basic ingredient list and how much to buy of each one.
  • Learn about different sieves for getting the lumps out.
  • Make a hydrometer for keeping the glazes the right thickness.
  • Learn how to load for efficiency of space, air flow and kiln longevity.
  • Learn about firing safety.
  • Learn various firing schedules for different results.
  • Learn about the 4 main parts of a kiln and kiln maintenance 
  • Keeping a kiln log to track your firings.
  • Get Chic's special Kiln Wash recipe to protect your kiln shelves.

  Learn To Mix

Your Own Glazes 

  + Loading, Firing and

   Electric Kiln Maintenance

Sun. March 24,2019 • 10-4:00 • $75